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Left 4 DeadEdit

Left 4 dead is my most favorite game in the world. I play it every single day. I have alot of friends on left 4 dead, so when i get bored i could play with them. My favorite campaigns are No Mercy, Death Troll, Crash Course, Silent Hill, ECT.

I have a lot of custom maps including:

  1. Silent Hill
  2. Hunter Training
  3. Silent Fear
  4. No Mercy (Day)
  5. No Mercy (Backwards)
  6. Blood Harvest (Backwards)
  7. And SO ON.

Left 4 Dead 2Edit

Left 4 dead 2 i dont play so much. But i play it sometimes. It gets boring after a while. But i can live with it.

I do not have any custom maps for left 4 dead 2. I only got Hunter training. And it lags A LOT! Lol

So i really got nothing to say about left 4 dead 2. I would play it when i get a better computer like Windows 7.

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